Civil, Industrial and Agricultural

The commercial company executes works in the field of civil constructions, agricultural constructions, industrial constructions, sanitation installations, thermal installations, electrical installations, related to the construction works mentioned above. The commercial company performs works for constructions of importance class C and respectively class of importance A. In the field of civil and agricultural constructions it performs works of preparation, shaped reinforcements, formworks for foundations, poles, beams, intermediate plates between floors, masonry for closures and interior partitions, plasters, ceramic floors, parquet floors, paints, washable paints, decorative plasters, PVC or aluminum insulating windows.

In the field of industrial constructions it executes works to make structures from metallic and europrofile profiles for industrial halls, cereal storage halls, combined feed mills.



In the field of installation works, it performs internal networks supplying cold water + hot water, installation of sanitary objects related to the respective networks. For the thermal installations, the internal networks of central heating, installation of heaters, installation of thermal power stations, electrical, gases, or solid fuel. For electrically installations it performs internal wiring, installation of electrical equipment, installation for insured indoor and outdoor lighting. In the field of sewage installations it performs works for the sewerage network from PVC-KG pipe, installation of septic tanks, viable pools, micro wastewater treatment plants.

It performs works of water supply networks, pluvial or domestic sewerage networks, water supply piping routes, PVC-KG sewerage pipes, installation of visiting fireplaces, inspection chimneys, drainage holes, installation of pumping stations, sewage treatment plants.



In the field of relaying the communal roads and the village streets, we perform operations of foundations of ballast roads and respectively wear layer of broken road stone, compacting the layers of aggregates with the help of the terrestrial equipments with a degree of compaction greater than 95%.